Week 1: Reflection

I have found this first week of study interesting for a number of reasons.

First of all, writing for games is something that I had never particularly thought about when I have considered script writing; I have only ever really thought about films and television programmes. Writing for games – though it shares some similar concepts – is quite a different discipline. It can be like writing multiple storylines for the same characters, some converging at the same plot points within the story the game is trying to tell, others going in completely different directions. But all must be as well thought-out as each other, and provide equally compelling game play.

The second aspect is the documentation surrounding screenwriting. Although I have been aware of these documents, I have not particularly used them, or gone in to depth about them. Having only written spec scripts, I’ve thought I’ve had little need to write them, as I felt that it would be something I could do later, should I get a script in a place where it is ready to present to an agent and/or producer. However, the practice of writing a logline / premise for my peer review work this week forced me to think a little harder about the overall idea, and fit extra pieces in to the concept that I would perhaps not have thought about until halfway through writing the first draft. Even a simple logline forces you as the writer to contemplate ideas surrounding:

  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Conflict
  • Stakes

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