Writing an Outline

As I posted in another article, throughout the first module of my Masters I’m working towards writing a short film script. I started with the following logline:

“Michael Wood is a shy, young, bookseller who has for a long time loved the beautiful Kristi Connolly from afar. When he makes an attempt to stand up for Kristi against her disrespectful boyfriend, Michael accidentally takes a grocery store hostage.”

This week, the main task is to take the logline and generate an approximately 300 word outline for the script.

So, here is my attempt at said outline:

Michael Wood, 27, an independent bookseller who believes he can become an author by osmosis, pines after Kristi Connolly, a young woman who works behind the counter at a local grocery store. She, too, wants to write, and turns to Michael for advice, under the impression that he knows what he’s talking about. Really, he just can’t bring himself to make a move.

When Kristi’s tough-talking new boyfriend, John, comes on the scene, his disrespectful attitude towards Kristi enrages Michael – who witnesses the whole thing – so much that he slips out of his shell for the briefest of moments to try to stick up for Kristi.

A customer misinterprets Michael’s nervousness and screams that he has a gun. Before he realises what is happening, the customers – including Kristi and John – cower away from him, fearful for their lives. Michael’s social ineptitude makes him unable to stand up for himself and tell them that they’re wrong.

Taken off-guard for the briefest moment, John strikes at Michael, knocks him to the ground, beats him badly. John ties him up, searches him: there’s no gun. No weapon of any kind. John realises that the whole situation is about Kristi.

Kristi says they should let Michael go – it was all a misunderstanding. But John isn’t happy about this apparent rival. He has another go at Michael. Kristi tries to stop him, pulls him away, but John strikes out and knocks her to the ground.

Whilst John is distracted, Kristi calls the police. When they turn up, Michael has to work through his shyness and apparent inadequacies to turn the tables once more, make John the ‘bad guy’ and win the girl.

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