Idea Generation

Some of my ideas come from dreams, or at least snippets of dreams. I’ve woken up thinking ‘that dream would make a great script’, but then I’d think it through and realise it’s a terrible idea. But sometimes, it works out. The script I’m working on through this module is based on a dream I had (it started weirder than the final idea), and another script I wrote was based on one line of dialogue I heard between sleeping and waking – the line stuck with me, and became the basis for a half hour script, which didn’t contain the original dialogue in the end anyway.

Ideas can come from pretty much anywhere – I developed a character after sitting next to someone on a bench whilst waiting for a train. People watching, keeping open ears and eyes and generally paying attention to everything going on around can help a great deal in forming ideas and characters.

It’s something I need to do more of – just spending time to sit back and really try to examine what’s going on around me.

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