Great Scenes

Using this list of the 40 Greatest Opening TV Scenes of All Time from the ScreenRant website, we were asked for a suggestion for our favourite opening scene.

Even before I scrolled as far down as number 6 in the list, I knew that I wanted to include Twin Peaks here.

This list mentions the scene where Pete (the incredible Jack Nance) tells Sheriff Truman “She’s dead… wrapped in plastic”. But even in the 3 – 4 minutes preceding this, Lynch does a great job of setting up the general feeling of the whole show.

The title credits go on for 1.5 – 2 minutes, with Angelo Badalamenti’s gorgeous score, showing scenes from the town of Twin Peaks as though this were going to be a documentary about a quaint logging town. Then we have brief glimpses of Josie applying make-up in a mirror, distracted, it seems, by Pete leaving to go fishing. Even the sound design in this scene puts us on edge – their are undercurrents that something is Just Not Quite Right. Pete and his wife, Catherine’s, relationship is shown to us through a very basic exchange – Pete places a kiss on her cheek with his hand, says “Goin’ fishing”, and glances at him for a moment, a lack of any sort of love in her eyes, and then returns to reading her newspaper. Then, of course, Pete discovers the body of Laura Palmer on the beach and the weird genius of Twin Peaks really begins…

Thoroughly enjoying the return of Twin Peaks so far. It’s a very different feel to the original, and much more like David Lynch’s movies, with a surprising amount of Eraserhead style material. I don’t know what much of it means, but it’s been a hell of a ride.

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